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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Solar Panels for Home Use

Building solar panels in your own home is an investment. Many people refuse to believe the idea because they think it will just add up to their expenses but really, in the long run, it will enable you to save a lot. If you have your own home solar panel, you can save money and more importantly, you can conserve thousands of dollars worth of energy cost.

Do not get overwhelmed by the idea of getting solar panels for your home because it is not as difficult as most people think. Actually, what some people do is that they share the it with nearby neighbors. The good thing is that there are already a lot of people who are giving much importance to solar panels that's why information on how this could be built is easily accessible.

If you are curious about the basics, here are some of the main components when building a solar panel that will work for your home. The primary thing you need is the energy panel. Aside from that, you will also need group DC disconnect, charger controller, batteries, system meter, inverter, AC break panel and kilowatt per hour meter. Those are the main components in starting up at home. You have to take note too that there are different types of these like the portable one or grid tie and grid tie with battery backup and off grid.

Before you seek help and start spending on building your solar panel, it is best to gear yourself up with enough knowledge about it first. This way, you will know exactly what kind do you want to build and how much professional help you will need. There are lots of different panels available which you can choose from depending on your budget. If you really have enough budget, you can opt for the new ones. If you want it to be less costly, you can buy the revamped solar cells. You just have to be extra careful on buying solar cells.

When designing DIY solar panels, remember that the amount of electricity your home uses will greatly affect the number of solar panels you require.

For example, a typical home can use both electricity and gas to provide heating, hot water, power the clothes dryer, and of course the oven. A good solar set-up will most likely need to be complimented by gas in order to balance the energy consumption, saving the solar, green and free energy for powering constants like lighting and TV, computer and so forth.

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Use of Solar Energy and Solar Hot Water Heaters

In a solar hot water heater, the power of the sun is usually being used to heat the fluid. This certain fluid will then be transferred to a heat storage vessel. By making a small experiment and just heat some potable water using the light of the sun and storing it a water tank, you will be able to better understand how this works. But how the actual process works will be better explained below.

Very often it can be noticed that flat absorber plates are being placed on the buildings` top roofs. These certain absorbers are usually being coated using dark selective surfaces. They will be the ones who will convert the light of the sun into heat. The heat that will be produced will then be carried by the fluid in some tubes which were attached to the absorber plates. Then, the heat will be taken away to storage, or it will be used. In this certain process, the fluid will get heated up. For the heat to be decreased, the fluid will be directed to a device which is called "heat exchanger".

A pump, which is mechanical, will then be used for the fluid to circulate. Alternatively, the same principle of thermo siphon that generally works on convection, can also be used for the fluid to circulate by simply mounting the vessel which is used for storage a little higher in the circuit.

Usually, solar panels are being used to simply exploit all the potential of the energy of the sun, which is cheap and also safe for the environment. Because no money will be needed to be used by anybody to use this type of energy, this will make it that more important. More and more people are turning to this kind of energy these days, and it is slowly gathering more and more importance on behalf of other types of energy.

Let us be more conscious in not polluting our atmosphere so that not only we, the future generation is also able to derive the benefits of solar energy.

The recent economic stimulus package is able to provide financial help to most of us for many various things. Many people out there will most likely acquire discounts and you may very well be one of them. Energy is to be considered an essential way of investment fund.

If you are a homeowner or a landlord, you will be able save energy by receiving tax credits for improvement designs. The electric grid will be brought into the computer age by the governance as they will give you repayments. If you are interested in becoming more ecological, you can purchase solar panels as this is one way to do it. You can take advantage of the solar panel applied science to improve your surroundings.

The producers of solar panels have generally worked very nice on the designing part. But there are still many people out there who do not really know where they should begin when it comes to investing in solar panels, not to say they usually do not know where to purchase them. This kind of knowledge is essential as time is always ticking away and by not taking the right decision when you have to, you might not get the assistance you thought you would.

If home solar panel really interests you, you may want to know that there are to basic ways to be more cost effective. One will be to buy solar panels and the other way will be to buy solar hot water heaters. When you will search for businesses which sell these products, you will also be able to find many other interesting things related to solar energy. Professional solar panels suppliers are able to size your system up by simply trying to determine the light of the sun which is available where you live.

Keep in mind to always work smarter, not harder, and you will soon noticed rewards for your contribution.

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