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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Tips On How To Build a Solar Panel

Learning how to build a solar panel has been a popular practice among many homeowners interested in alternative energy sources. rather than spending a huge sum in hiring professionals to get one done for you, it is actually very much cheaper to get one made by yourself.

Solar panels in recent years have garnered some notable leaps and that continues as the price of electricity and other forms of energy continue to rise. Home solar power systems are the most common means that homeowners are harnessing solar energy. They harness the sun's energy and convert it into electrical power efficiently. These solar power systems are then connected to the house and the energy is transferred to the house powering it with electricity.

The advantages of a solar panel include:
  • Tax incentives (Check your area for rebates offered by governments)
  • Save electrical expenses
  • Power your home appliances for free
  • Affordability
  • Environmental friendly
  • Increases house value
With a DIY solar panel installed in your home, you can actually reduce 80% or even eliminate 100% of your monthly electrical bills. Not just that, the presence of tax incentives offered by governments also enable you to make some money from excessive electricity generated by your panels.

Wouldn't checks be a great thing to see in your mailbox every month rather than power bills?

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

How To Make "Silicon" Crystals

Learning how to make "Silicon" crystals is the first step towards the goal of making your own solar cells. This is also a very useful knowledge for those who wish to progress in building home solar power systems from scratch.

You will need:

• Plastic coffee Jar (empty)
• Skewer
• Hardboiled egg
• Sugar
• Food coloring
• Tools
• Compass
• Egg slicer

To make a photovoltaic cell we need silicon, this article is going to show you how solar cells are produced from crystalline silicon.The words "crystalline silicon" should indicate to you that this type of solar cell is made from crystals of silicon. We saw earlier how silicon aligns itself into a regular crystalline array, now we are going to look at growing this crystal.

In industry, silicon crystals are grown to form a uniform cylinder of silicon which is used as the base material for crystalline solar cells. There is plenty of silicon about on the earth, in fact, as mentioned previously, after oxygen it is the second most abundant element. When you think that sand and quartz all contain silicon and then imagine the amount of sand in the world, you begin to realize that we are not going to run out of silicon in a hurry!

The problem with sand is that it also contains oxygen in the form of silicon dioxide, which must be removed.

The industrial process used to produce silicon requires temperatures of around 3270oF (which is about 1800oC). Obviously we can't experiment with these3 sorts of temperatures at home - but we can recreate the process!

If you want to do it all yourself, the process is a relatively easy one. You are going to need a saturated sugar solution; this will sit in the lid of your coffee jar. Now, take a large crystal of sugar, often sold as "rock sugar" and "glue" it to the end of the skewer. Next, drill a hole the same diameter as the skewer, and poke the skewer through the bottom of the coffee jar. Stand it on a windowsill and lower the crystal into the saturated sugar solution. Over some time, crystals should start to grow - pull the skewer up slowly, bit by bit, so that the growing crystal is still in contact with the sugar solution. This is just like the way that silicon is grown. The silicon is drawn up slowly from a bath of molten hot silicon (which is analogous to our saturated sugar solution).

Once this large crystal of silicon has been manufactured, it must be cut into slices to manufacture the solar cells. The next progressive step will be to learn how to make solar cells.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

How To Make a Magnetic Generator

A magnetic generator is known to be a free energy generator. In other words, it utilizes magnets and magnetic force to induce perpetual motion. Operating by itself indefinitely without stopping, the magnetic energy generator creates completely free electrical energy, which can fully power your house for free.

The magnetic power generator is closely associated with a perpetual motion device, also known as a machine that runs perpetually i.e. indefinitely, and produces a larger amount of energy than it consumes. Thus, it produces free energy indefinitely and runs by itself without having to need a third-party device or resource to power it. This free energy devices have been suppressed by the corporate world because such devices has the capability to create energy for free, which would ultimately shut down the major energy corporations.

When you learn how to build a magnetic generator, you will be able to generate completely free electric energy without depending on any source of renewable or non-renewable energy. The generator powers itself and creates energy by itself without requiring solar energy, heat, water, coal or any kind of resource. Adding to that, it powers itself and works indefinitely without stopping, thus creating a large amount of energy.

This is designed to be a safe system for use and operates well. It doesn't produce any harmful byproducts or gases, and there isn't any hazard concerning the magnetic energy generator itself. Even if you have young children, they may freely walk in the close vicinity of the generator.

Benefits of a magnetic generator include:

1. This system is compact
2. Works independently – Do not require natural energy such as the wind and the sun
3. Cheap to construct and even cheaper to run
4. Cut your electrical bills down dramatically
5. Completely safe for you and your family (Including children)

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Monday, August 24, 2009

Learn How To Make a Solar Panel

If you are interested to learn how to make your own solar power system with a small budget, then you are in the right place. Before you begin, there are quite a few things to bear in mind, and of them is being open to trying new stuff and this will definitely increase your chances of achieving your goals.

The process of making your own home solar power systems can be done with the help of your family members and thus, it can be a great cohesion day altogether. In addition, the use of a solar power system can help you save a huge sum of money and also protect the environment at the same time.

Learning how to make a solar panel can provide you and our environment lot of benefits such as:
  • Green energy: When you use solar energy, you will realize that it uses absolutely no fuel other than the sun's light. Moreover, it does not release into the atmosphere anything harmful.
  • Affordability: Energy comes free. The installation cost is a one-time cost. Therefore, the investment is recovered within a few years of installation, making the power generated by solar energy absolutely free.
  • Ease of use: You cannot store conventional power but you can store solar power for future use.
  • Low on maintenance: The solar power systems are easy to maintain. They do not involve high costs or too much effort, thus letting you reap the benefits of the solution comfortably.
  • Free and renewable: With solar energy, you can lower or even eliminate your monthly electricity bills.
  • Increase the value of your property: The price of your house tend to worth much more with the implementation of solar power systems.
  • Make Money: You can sell your excess generated electricity back to the utility companies.
There are tons of companies out there selling DIY solar installation guides and this has made the installation process of solar panels cheap and very much efficient. With step-by-step instructions provided along with video tutorials, learning how to build a solar panel has never been easier than this approach.
The cost for this DIY installation guides costs at a reasonable price of no more than $50 and the overall costs for the materials required for the building process won't take more than $200.

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Friday, August 21, 2009

Learn How To Build a Solar Hot Water Heater

According to statistics, there are over 500,000 hot water heaters used in California. Many of these are used in houses and swimming pools. Using a solar hot water heater for swimming pools and showers has been a proven great way to lower pollution caused by fossil fuels and also to lower your electrical bill. You will also be lowering your carbon footprint.

Learning how to build a DIY solar water heater for your home is very simple with a DIY guide available to download online. It is an easy step towards a green energy efficient home. It can be done in cold or warm climate with excellent results.

Benefits of a solar hot water heater:

The first thing you will notice when using a solar hot water heater is the reduction of your power bills. You can save a lot of money by harnessing the free power of the sun to heat water. These savings can be over 30% of your monthly energy bills.

Building a solar hot water heater is a one time small investment that will generate returns for the next 20 years. It is an investment that won't let you down. It will pay by itself with the savings on your power bill within a few months.

It is an easy way to make your part for the environment. Using renewable energy from the sun doesn't affect the global warming. You will become a leader of the eco trend in your neighborhood. It might create a snowball effect that you will be proud of.

The operating cost of a solar hot water heater is very less when compared to that of a gas or electric water heater. Moreover one of the biggest advantages that you have got with solar water heaters is that you can easily build one yourself. Now, this is something that is not possible with electric or gas water heaters. In fact you can easily build a solar hot water heater with things that are available at a neighborhood hardware store. You can build one with a little bit of online help. Over and above that is the fact that you need not spend a fortune to build one. Once built, you are ensured of hot water supply for years to come, thanks to your solar hot water heater, without having to worry about rising electricity bills.

Another benefit that solar water heaters have is that they are very easy to maintain. Since there are no electric or mechanical parts involved in their working, they only require minimal maintenance. This again translates into substantial savings for you in the long run. You no longer need to worry about your water heater breaking down with a solar hot water heater. With all these benefits, it is really not surprising that solar hot water heaters are in great demand nowadays

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Benefits of a Magnetic Power Generator

A magnetic power generator motor is said to be a perpetual motion machine. Taken from a literal standpoint, perpetual means it will run forever. Of course, this should not be the case because there will always be something in machines that will cause them to run. In this case, it is the magnets. The only reason it is called perpetual is because the calculated lifespan of these darling machines is about 400 years.

The good thing about a magnetic power generator is that it is friendly to the environment. It does not have toxic fumes that will harm the atmosphere. Using this will free you of any guilt you might possibly feel in terms of harming nature.

The benefits of using a magnetic power system include:

• It can help you reduce your electricity bill by 30%-50%, or even completely eliminate it.
• It can work in all weather conditions.
• The devise doesn't take up a lot of space, so it can be installed in any home.
• It's friendly to the environment and doesn't cause any pollution.
• It has very low maintenance costs.
• It's not flammable or combustible and is completely safe to use.

Another benefit of having a magnetic energy generator is the cost. Aside from saving cost on electricity, the actual amount you have to spend on the machine is very minimal compared to other energy devices such as the windmills or solar panels.

Lastly, the actual amount of energy you can harness is far greater than the other power saving devices. With this generator, you can power up to 7,000 watts of appliances and electrical devices, unlike many power devices that can only give you power for 2,000 watts worth of electricity needs. Truly, this is a mean machine that needs o second thoughts.

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Monday, August 17, 2009

How To Build a Solar Camping Stove

Learn how to build your very own solar camping stove. Not only can you enjoy making delicious foods from solar energy, you can also save money on electricity. Find out what are the materials needed to have this done effectively.

You will need

• Five sheets of A4 or U.S. letter size cardboard
• Tin foil
• Glue
• Adhesive tape


• Scissors

This is an incredibly simple construction for a solar camping stove.

Simply, take five sheets of cardboard-three of them should be joined together by their long edges, the other two should be joined up by their short edges. Make the joint using adhesive tape so that it is flexible.

Now cover the two pieces you are left with in tin foil. Use glue to secure the foil.

And that is it! Now all it comes to is setting up your stove.

Determine which way the sun is facing, and orient the three panels so that they all face the sun, with the outer two tilted slightly inwards. Now take the two sheets, one will sit on the ground-the food stands on top of this. The second sheet should be slightly tilted up toward the can so that any overspill light which misses the food is reflected back onto it.

The beauty of this design is that is is very simple, can be assembled quickly, and fits into the space of a few sheets of cardboard in your backpack.

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Learn How To Build a Home Solar Power System

Have you ever thought of owning your very own home solar power system? If so, then you are in the right place to fulfill that intention. We absolutely urge you to follow up and take action because we are very much confident that you will be glad you made that move. We all know that the cost of electricity has been a burden of many of us and it will continue to rise so just imagine how great it will be if you can reduce or even eliminate your electrical bills once and for all.

A solar power system is made of photovoltaic cells that are strung together to create a panel. When the sun's rays shine on the cells energy, heat is absorbed. The absorbed energy is then converted into usable electricity for our home. Harnessing the rays of the sun provides a free and unlimited supply of energy. Unlike fossil fuels, solar energy does not emit any pollution and therefore does not harm the environment in any way, shape or form.

Many homeowners would like to take advantage of the benefits a solar power system can offer, however the costs can be prohibitive. Hiring a professional to get a solar power system installed for your homes or businesses can be extremely expensive depending upon how involved they are. It is quite a high price to pay to have commercially manufactured solar panels installed at a price of $20,000 or more.

Building your own home solar power systems on the other hand can be done for less than $200. Quite a difference in price isn't it? Again, there are no special skills required and the parts and tools necessary to construct your very own photovoltaic solar panel can be purchased at your local hardware store or home improvement center.

More people are now taking the initiative to build their own solar power systems and these people have reported that their electrical bills have been, at the very least, cut in half. It is also very possible to eliminate your electrical bill altogether. And if you are truly ambitious you can build enough systems till you create a surplus of electricity that you can sell back to the utility company for a profit.

In addition to the savings you will see on your utility bills, the IRS also allows a tax deduction for people that take advantage of alternative energy resources. Solar power systems can also increase the resale value of your home. It truly is a win-win situation.

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Friday, August 14, 2009

How To Build a DIY Magnetic Generator

DIY Magnetic generator is now the hottest buzz in town. What sets this major interest in the people is the ability to generate free electricity at home and even without the use of natural energy such as the wind and the sun.

The power of magnets has polarities and we all know that like poles attract each other and unlike poles repel each other. If two magnets that oppose each other are placed together, each magnet will do everything to repel the other. The way a DIY magnetic generator works is that it has a third magnet pulling on the other sides and with this, thus energy is produced.

Definitely, a DIY magnetic generator will reduce the cost of energy. With the rising cost of electricity and fuel, people are turning to alternative energy sources. In fact, there is even an attempt nowadays to power cars with water. Bio-diesel is also one approach to fuel cars and machines. With a magnetic power generator, the availability of fuel will no longer be an issue.

Generators of this type could practically last a lifetime, many individuals have begun undertaking the task of building their own DIY magnetic generators.

To make your very own DIY magnetic generator, you’ll need to purchase your own materials and your own tools. With an installation manual, you will not find it difficult to build your own magnetic generator. You will be guided accordingly and you will be amazed at how easy it is to have it done efficiently. Detailed step-by-step instructions, material lists along with diagrams are what a good manual contains.
  • Words in the manual are written in layman’s terms that people can understand without difficulties.
  • Illustrations are also detailed and you will find it very easy to relate to.
  • Aside from saving on cost, you will be able to help out your friends or other individuals that are also looking for ways to have their own alternative source of energy.
If you are interested to learn how to build your own DIY magnetic generator, visit:
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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Learn How To Make DIY Solar Panel

Thousands of homes were recently able to make their own DIY solar panel systems with the help of newly developed do-it-yourself methods. A home solar power system cost as little as $200 and can be the perfect solution to at least beginning to reap the long term benefits of converting to solar energy.

Benefits of a DIY solar panel:

1) No cost - Solar Energy utilizes the power of sunlight and is a completely free resource for generating energy for your home. Once you have built your panels, sit back and let nature do the rest for you, safe in the knowledge that it's also costing you nothing.

2) Renewable - The sun isn't ever going to stop shining and for as long as it does, you can benefit from it and use it to its fullest potential. Make the most of it by building your own solar panels and reaping the rewards of free energy. It will always be there - you just need to be set up to make the most of this unlimited resource.

3) Environmentally Friendly - Solar energy is what is often referred to as green energy. It is renewable energy which causes far less pollution than the burning of fossil fuels by having little or no carbon or other greenhouse gas emissions - more gentle to the environment we all live in.

4) Low on maintenance - Solar energy requires little if any maintenance at all. You can build and install your very own solar panels and then forget about them - nothing else to do. It is quite possible to have your panels safely generating hundreds of hours worth of electricity with no maintenance required on your part.

5) Affordable - Solar panels are becoming an increasingly popular way to save home energy. A big reason for this popularity is that solar technology is becoming increasingly affordable which in turn is encouraging home owners to take the plunge. Do you know that it is possible to build your own DIY solar power systems for as little as $200 using parts which you can acquire from most hardware stores?

Why pay thousands of dollars for the installation of a DIY solar panel when you can have the opportunity to build your own homemade solar power system for less than $200.

There are guides that teach you everything you need to know about generating your own electricity by using DIY solar power. With the complete step-by-step setup fully illustrated manuals and easy to follow video instructions presented in the guide, you will be able to create renewable energy at home.

Once you have learned and ready to build and install your alternate power supply, you will save hundreds of dollars on your electricity bill every single month!

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Monday, August 10, 2009

Permanent Magnetic Generator

The permanent magnetic generator is a new step in alternative energy technology because of its nature. It is known to be an alternative power source that is inexpensive and environmentally friendly.

The permanent magnetic generator uses a new theory using magnets to produce unending movement that will generate free electricity for you and itself for virtually no cost and no bad environmental effects. This has been initially thought to be impossible due to the laws of the world that has governed us and one of them is the theory of relativity. This theory states that energy is neither destroyed nor created but merely transfers its energy from one form to another.

At present, the invention of permanent magnetic generator is made possible. This is truly a step towards a better future because it will break everything we ever believed in about how we get energy into our homes. It will break almost all stereotypes and will help us look at alternative energy sources with a new light. This magnetic power generator will become a need for every household because of the benefits that you can have by using it inside your own homes. This will be a trend that the future should go for because it will solve many of the problems arising in our society today like the family financial problem since this energy will practically be free and available for everyone because this is such an easy thing to create and install in the house.

Perhaps a revolution will take place in the near future. A revolution that will shake the very foundations of the way we are living today. We are at a time where we have the technology to make that happen and indeed that technology exists. We simply have to open our minds up to the idea of having a power source so powerful and so affordable and take the opportunity to utilize it for ourselves.

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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Generate Electricity With DIY Solar Panels

Learn how you can build your own DIY solar panels. The advantages in using these systems made from a DIY solar panel are obvious: free renewable energy, which cannot be depleted.

The construction utilizes simple materials such as metals and aluminum foils, therefore, the investment cost is actually very minimum. In general, home solar power systems convert the sun's energy into electrical energy. This entire process is based on the photovoltaic cell. In short, when in contact with sun rays, this cell produces electric power. These cells are grouped in matrixes and then they will compose the solar panels.

With a DIY solar panel, you can cut your electrical bills by over 80% or even a possible zero! People are looking for alternative ways to save their money on electrical bills and solar energy is definitely an ideal choice for them.

It is not difficult to learn how to build a solar panel as you think, you can build it even if you don't have experience. You need some materials like:

• Solar Cells
• Wire crimping tool
• Wire cutters
• A sheet of plywood
• Copper wires
• Screwdriver
• Cobalt steel jobbers' twist drill bit, heavy duty, wire gauge size 26, 3" L, 1c" L flute
• Machine screw size high-speed steel hand tap taper, 10-24, H3 pitch diameter, 4 flute
• 7/32 drill bit
• Plastic sheet cutter
• Reamer
• Pliers
• Hacksaw
• Solder, 60/40 or silver
• Soldering iron, or soldering station
• Sheets of glass
• Drill
• DIY installation guide

You can get these materials in your local hardware stores for cheap and affordable prices. Some materials such as solar cells can be found on eBay. If you are planning to buy a ready-made solar panel then it may cost you around $1600 but if you do some work and build it yourself at home then it may cost you around $200. You’ll need a perfect DIY installation guide which can also be available on internet. These guides help you by providing step by step instructions with useful illustrations and some guides do come along with instructional videos. You can build it even if you don't have mechanical skills too.

Thousands of people around the world are starting to build their own DIY solar panels in order to save money on electricity. So don't waste your money on other alternatives as you can utilize this renewable energy for cheap prices. Cut your electrical bills to a possible zero today!

Source From: DIY Solar Panel - Learn How To Generate Electricity With Solar Energy

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