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Monday, March 29, 2010

Learn How To Build a Magnetic Power Generator

Homeowners are increasingly turning to clean sources of green energy and a magnetic power generator is one of he best option at present.

A magnetic generator is the ideal solution to the problem of generating clean and free electricity because it scores very highly against other ways of generating energy from renewable resources. Solar energy is a great way of generating power but it does have some drawbacks. It can only be used in places that get a lot of direct sunlight for a greater part of the year. The solar panels that it needs have to be maintained well because they can get damaged easily.

A magnetic power generator does not depend on any outside stimulus for power once it is activated. It generates power by using the movement of magnets that are constantly attracted and repelled to each other. Some of the energy it creates is used to power the machine whereas the remaining energy can be used by the consumer. It does not generate any sound or heat as a bye product and there are no wastes to dispose off. There is absolutely no way that you will be without electricity and therefore this is an ideal method.

This DIY magnetic generator is very easy to install and even a newbie can follow the instructions. You can use them to get yourself independent of the power grid. As you know, there is a risk of getting cancer if you live too close to high tension lines. You can get the instructions very easily from the internet and save almost all of your power bills while you generate clean energy. Learn how to build a magnetic generator today!

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Learn how to build a magnetic generator

Saturday, March 27, 2010

DIY Project On How To Make a Solar Panel

If you are one of those who are interested to learn how to make a solar panel, here are a few tips that you might find useful in your DIY project. Indeed, you can make this your DIY project at home and in fact, more and more people are trying to make use of their skills in harnessing the great power of the sun by making a DIY solar panel at home. Here are some basic ideas on how you can make one.

1. Sourcing less expensive solar cells. Although there are DIY solar panel kits readily available in stores, you can save a lot by lot by being resourceful. If you are internet savvy, you may find chipped solar cells online that you can still use for your projects.

2. Checking out the materials you will need for the project. Aside from the solar cells that you will mainly need to make solar energy panels, you will also need a diode, a battery a soldering iron and a few materials in your tool shed such as screws and wires.

3. Soldering the solar cells. To be able to produce a good amount of energy from the sun to convert into a fairly good amount of electricity, you have to connect several pieces of solar cell to put into the panel. You can do this by soldering the solar cells and extra care should be done in this process to make sure you don't break the fragile solar cells. You have to mark those soldering points as well before doing all the soldering to make sure that the solar cells are well connected and can work efficiently later.

4. Making the panel, attaching the wires and the diode. After you have successfully soldered and connected your solar cells, you can now attach the wires needed and make sure that your panel is also finished. Keep in mind too that reverse current can occur in a solar panel and that may damage the solar cells and may never be used to generate electricity. To help you prevent this, you can attach a diode to avoid current flowing back to the cells and prevents it from damaging your solar panel.

5. Locating a place or your solar panel. If you are done with your project, it is important to find a place that you will put your solar panel. It must be a place where there is direct sunlight, of course, and out of the shady trees. You can also mount it on your roof, but also make sure they are safely installed as well. Building solar panels aren't something difficult at all, all you need is the right tools and materials along with an informative manual to show you the way.

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

What is a Magnetic Power Generator?

Base on the Laws of Thermodynamics, upon which much of our current knowledge of physics lies, this is a theoretical impossibility in regards to magnetic power generator. The scientific establishment scoffs at claims that such a device can be built. This line of thinking gets a lot of support in the media as well.

You must undoubtedly come across claims that such a machine has been invented and is even ready for retail sale. You probably would not give it another thought because these announcements are always greeted with jeers and catcalls from the scientific and journalistic community. Why would you part with even the smallest bit of your hard earned money to buy something that scientists say is a fake?

If you knew the truth about this, you would think twice about anything else you read in a scientific journal. The simple fact is that this magnetic generator is a thorn in the side of big wigs of industry.

Everybody knows how influential the oil industry is. There are so many industries such as automobiles, power and petrochemicals that are an offshoot of this industry that anything that threatens to shake it from its perch is immediately suppressed.

The scientific community gets a lion's share of its funding from big industry and it cannot be relied on to give an honest opinion. Besides, they are not willing to acknowledge that their Laws of Thermodynamics have been stood on its head.

In short, there are massive efforts to suppress these inventions because a lot of established companies will simply go out of business.

There are some companies who offer magnetic power generators for sale that can generate electricity out of nothing. You could choose to keep paying your electricity bills at their artificially inflated levels or you could opt to generate electricity from one such magnetic generator. They are available on the internet and you can choose how you wish to buy yours. You could get one directly from the manufacturer or you could make one yourself using the detailed instructions that they provide.

Lots of people are buying these machines because they are tired of paying large power bills. They took a risk by trusting an unknown technology and have been rewarded with huge monetary savings. You could do the same if you went online and looked for details on magnetic power generators.

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Friday, March 12, 2010

Magnetic Energy Generator

At present, hundreds of thousands of people around the world are already generating their own electricity thanks to the magnetic energy generator. It gets even better, because not only are these generators easy to build, you can find all the materials necessary at any good DIY store. All you need is a good set of plans.

It would seem as though the days of solar power being the number one choice for alternative energy are over. Solar power has been the number one choice for supplementing your home power supply for many years. It never really took off though because as you probably know, standard solar panels only produce enough electricity to heat the hot water in your house.

Heating the hot water in your house isn't bad really but considering that magnetic energy generators can power your whole house, there isn't really any comparison. It's incredible to think that you can build a magnetic energy generator that can completely eradicate your electricity bills.

It's a nightmare for the big electricity companies which explains why it's not on sale at your local hardware store! The plans for this magnetic power generator is readily available on the Internet though, and it would seem the Australian inventors of these generators are already millionaires through their intervention.

By selling their plans at a relatively cheap price to millions of customers on the Internet has bypassed any need for corporate involvement.

The fact that these machines can be built by just about anybody and that all the parts necessary can be bought at any good DIY store has ensured that the popularity of these machines is increasing day by day.

Even the magnets that they use are just standard household magnets like the ones found in stereo speakers.

Once you have built your home-made magnetic generator, wiring it up to your existing power supply is also very simple.

Build your magnetic energy generator today and start generating your own electricity.

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Monday, March 8, 2010

Magnetic Power Generator For Generating Electricity

A magnetic power generator kept in any corner of your house will help you in saving lots of money. It works indefinitely without breaking down if properly made.

The best part of this magnetic generator is that it is not at all dependent on any external factor like sun, wind, water, fuel or coal, etc. The electric magnetic generator operates for an indefinite period, and creates a larger amount of energy than it consumes. The energy produced is independent without the help of any outside resource.

The machine does not need huge space be placed. It works independently and has very low maintenance cost. The digital magnetic power generator is environment friendly and has not any pollution emissions. There are not any weather constraints to operate this generator. It is very safe for the children and is not flammable or explosive.

You may already be wondering "how to build a magnetic generator". Well, you won't need to be a scientist to make that happen. The process is actually fairly simple, especially if you get your hands on some good installation plans. The materials needed are quite affordable and can be easily found at a local hardware store.

The magnetic power generator works for years without maintenance. Almost all models that are being built at home or bought from the market have bearings that do not need lubrication. It is in fact a source of continuous energy. There are no harmful discharges, and also does not give excess heat. It is perfectly safe for the kids and children.

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Friday, March 5, 2010

Build Your Own Solar Power System to Save Money

Solar power system is more efficient then other power sources. By using solar power for your home power supply, you will save up to 85% on your monthly electricity bill. Sun energy is captured through solar panels and converted into electricity which can be used to power your entire home. This is for sure also a great way to save money.

We need electricity for so many things in our homes; heating, air condition, refrigerators, ovens, computers... and when you use solar power systems, you remarkably reduce your demands for electricity. This of course has a huge impact on lowering your monthly electrical bills. The more things there are in your home that need power to operate, the more it makes sense to use solar power systems as a power source for your home.

Solar panels do not have a negative effect on the Planet. This is probably the most important reason why you should consider building solar panels for your home. They do not put off any pollutants such as carbon dioxide, so you don't affect the Earth's atmosphere in a negative way. Instead, you will be doing your part to help save the Earth.

Solar panels can be put pretty much anywhere. They can be placed on a lot of places, and when you place them on your roof, you do not see them or even know they are there. If for any reason they can not be placed on the roof you can place them anywhere as long as there is enough sun and no obstacles in the way.

These are not the only reasons for using solar power for your home electricity supply. If you do a little research you will discover even more reasons. Did you know that you will get payed if you generate electricity with solar panels in your home?

Discover how you can build your own DIY solar panels, save a lot of money, help to save the planet and in the end get paid for it!

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