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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

How To Make a Small Solar Panel

With the right materials and the right procedures, making a small solar panel isn't really a difficult task. You don't really need much skill beyond being able to use basic tools, and handle wiring with care and safety. The basic materials you’ll need when you learn how to build a solar panel are:

1. Solar Cells
They are the main material that actually converts the sun's energy into usable electricity. You can actually purchase this online from eBay. Buy in bulk so that you will have enough to build solar panels again in the future.

2. Sheet Plywood
This will form the base of your system. Use the strongest grade you can find as this acts as the support of the entire system. Do not use chipboard for this as it is way too flimsy. It is worth investing extra in the quality of the materials in order to get a better, more durable end product.

3. Copper Wire
This is used to wire up the system and allow the electricity to flow into your home. Purchase this in bulk as well.

4. General Tools
Drills, screwdrivers, woodwork glue etc are all necessity. You probably already have these accessories around your home.

5. Clear PVC Sheeting
Solar cells are fairly delicate. Therefore, you’ll need to use PVC sheeting to provide protection when the weather turns nasty. Check your local business directory for suppliers who can help you cut your preferred size for you.

Next will be the assembling process. This is part where certain technical skills are required. To get this done correctly, you’ll require a set of instructions that provide you with the precise measurements you need to use. You’ll also need some proper assembly and installation diagram. It is well worth paying for the diagrams and clear explanations that you will receive, as without a set of solar panel instructions, you risk jeopardizing your entire construction and installation project.

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