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Monday, September 28, 2009

What Are The Tools Needed To Build a Solar Panel?

Basically, we are referring to cheap source of generating electricity as purchasing home solar power systems at a very high price will be very discouraging for most people who have opted for solar energy.

The most ideal way here is to the alternative option which we call a DIY solar panel. And the most common, also the most important tools to get you started with is:

1) Soldering Iron: The soldering Iron also called soldering gun will be used to join the required electrical conductor for the solar cells together. Flux will also be required in cleaning the burning metal tip and at the same time, it makes a fast melt of the led for easy usage.

2) Caulking gun: The caulking gun is basically used to fill in all the cracks and joint in the plywood or woods to be used. The caulking tool makes the filling very easy and gives it a neat appearance.

3) Saw (ELECTRIC): The saw will be used to basically cut in pieces the plywood needed for the panel box. Electrical saw works easier and faster in cutting woods, but it is completely optional, the normal tiny saw can also be used.

4) Paint brush: All the lumber surfaces needs to be covered with a pair layer of Ultra-Violate protective paint. That will give a quantity of protection on the wood from the Ultra-Violate of the sun.

5) Screwdriver: The most useful tool when we need to slacken and tighten screws on the solar panel. The only screws on the panel will be used to hold the Plexiglas to the wooden strips securely.

6) Voltage Measuring meter: After constructing the panel, the basic thing to do before usage is testing the voltage of electricity supplied into the Photovoltaic. O essentially the meter is the tool that will be used to do such a thing as regards regulating the current supplied into the cells of the panel.

These are the essential tools required to learn how to build solar panel yourself at a very cheap rate.

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