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Sunday, February 7, 2010

New Sources of Energy

Every day we use energy to help us in our lives. We use it for electricity, for heating, and to travel. Energy makes our lives easier.

Most of our energy comes from fossil fuels – oil coal, and gas. We use billions of tones of them every year for fuel and to produce electricity. Today, there is just about enough energy to go round. Demand is growing, however. Eventually, supplies of usable fossil fuels will run out. So what about the future? We will have to conserve our resources and develop new ones. Scientists and energy experts are developing power from renewable sources.

A renewable energy source is one that doesn’t run out, however much we use. There are certain processes that always take place on Earth. Somewhere in the world, the wind is blowing and the Sun is shining. Living things are growing everywhere. Water is on the move in rivers and seas. The layers of rock under our feet pump out heat. These constant processes are sources of renewable energy. We can use them to fuel cars, warm our homes, and make electricity. They will not get used up.

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