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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Building Your Own DIY Solar Panels

With the increasing demand for alternative energy sources, more and more homeowners are considering using solar panels at home. That, and the immense lure of saving on power bills prompts people to consider turning to solar energy for everyday needs. But what exactly is involved in manufacturing your own solar system? Are there any difficulties or is this a simple matter? Here are some factors to consider when learning how to build a solar panel.

Pay attention to the planning and preparation stages first. Take this time to take into consideration the time and space it would take to build each panel. Prepare a workplace and set a time period for your project. Take note of all the tools you will be needing. An ideal workplace should have enough power outlets to give you access to power you need in soldering the units together and good ventilation to whisk away the fumes.

Start small. If this is your first time going about building your own solar panels, consider doing a project for one or two at first. Take this first DIY solar panels project of yours and use it as a chance to learn. Experience is still the best teacher so only by doing will you get better at putting up your own solar panels.

Once you're really decided on the DIY course, take note of where you'll be buying your solar cells. There are many vendors over the internet you can turn to so getting your hands on those cells should be easy. If you want to a bit of practice first though, opt for solar cells from broken panels. These will require more work to put together but they are cheaper and still functional so they are great for first-time builders to experiment on.

Don't forget your panels will also need protection so look for tempered glass or plexiglass. Plexiglass that are UV-resistant will extend the life of your solar panels as discoloration is reduced. Protection from UV rays also helps keep solar panels efficient in absorbing energy from the sun so they keep working longer.

For your base, plywood is a good option but you can choose between using either wood or metal. Whatever you choose, you still need UV resistant paint to seal the base to keep dirt out of the panels.

Using DIY solar panels is a great way to do your part for the environment. With materials that are very easy to procure over the internet, there should be no reason why you can't turn to solar energy for your needs.
How To Get Started

The best way is to get a good instruction manual and some videos that will guide you step by step through the whole procedure. Here you will also get the best advice on what to buy and where to buy the required components at the best possible price.

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