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Thursday, March 18, 2010

What is a Magnetic Power Generator?

Base on the Laws of Thermodynamics, upon which much of our current knowledge of physics lies, this is a theoretical impossibility in regards to magnetic power generator. The scientific establishment scoffs at claims that such a device can be built. This line of thinking gets a lot of support in the media as well.

You must undoubtedly come across claims that such a machine has been invented and is even ready for retail sale. You probably would not give it another thought because these announcements are always greeted with jeers and catcalls from the scientific and journalistic community. Why would you part with even the smallest bit of your hard earned money to buy something that scientists say is a fake?

If you knew the truth about this, you would think twice about anything else you read in a scientific journal. The simple fact is that this magnetic generator is a thorn in the side of big wigs of industry.

Everybody knows how influential the oil industry is. There are so many industries such as automobiles, power and petrochemicals that are an offshoot of this industry that anything that threatens to shake it from its perch is immediately suppressed.

The scientific community gets a lion's share of its funding from big industry and it cannot be relied on to give an honest opinion. Besides, they are not willing to acknowledge that their Laws of Thermodynamics have been stood on its head.

In short, there are massive efforts to suppress these inventions because a lot of established companies will simply go out of business.

There are some companies who offer magnetic power generators for sale that can generate electricity out of nothing. You could choose to keep paying your electricity bills at their artificially inflated levels or you could opt to generate electricity from one such magnetic generator. They are available on the internet and you can choose how you wish to buy yours. You could get one directly from the manufacturer or you could make one yourself using the detailed instructions that they provide.

Lots of people are buying these machines because they are tired of paying large power bills. They took a risk by trusting an unknown technology and have been rewarded with huge monetary savings. You could do the same if you went online and looked for details on magnetic power generators.

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