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Saturday, March 27, 2010

DIY Project On How To Make a Solar Panel

If you are one of those who are interested to learn how to make a solar panel, here are a few tips that you might find useful in your DIY project. Indeed, you can make this your DIY project at home and in fact, more and more people are trying to make use of their skills in harnessing the great power of the sun by making a DIY solar panel at home. Here are some basic ideas on how you can make one.

1. Sourcing less expensive solar cells. Although there are DIY solar panel kits readily available in stores, you can save a lot by lot by being resourceful. If you are internet savvy, you may find chipped solar cells online that you can still use for your projects.

2. Checking out the materials you will need for the project. Aside from the solar cells that you will mainly need to make solar energy panels, you will also need a diode, a battery a soldering iron and a few materials in your tool shed such as screws and wires.

3. Soldering the solar cells. To be able to produce a good amount of energy from the sun to convert into a fairly good amount of electricity, you have to connect several pieces of solar cell to put into the panel. You can do this by soldering the solar cells and extra care should be done in this process to make sure you don't break the fragile solar cells. You have to mark those soldering points as well before doing all the soldering to make sure that the solar cells are well connected and can work efficiently later.

4. Making the panel, attaching the wires and the diode. After you have successfully soldered and connected your solar cells, you can now attach the wires needed and make sure that your panel is also finished. Keep in mind too that reverse current can occur in a solar panel and that may damage the solar cells and may never be used to generate electricity. To help you prevent this, you can attach a diode to avoid current flowing back to the cells and prevents it from damaging your solar panel.

5. Locating a place or your solar panel. If you are done with your project, it is important to find a place that you will put your solar panel. It must be a place where there is direct sunlight, of course, and out of the shady trees. You can also mount it on your roof, but also make sure they are safely installed as well. Building solar panels aren't something difficult at all, all you need is the right tools and materials along with an informative manual to show you the way.

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