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Thursday, April 15, 2010

How To Operate Your Solar Power System The Right Way

For a solar power system to work well, we need the site survey to answer two questions:
  • Is there anywhere on the site that is suitable for positioning my solar array?
  • Do nearby obstacles such as trees and buildings shade out too much sunlight?
The first question might at first sound daft, but depending on your project it can make the difference between a solar power system being system being viable or not.

By answering the second question, you can identify how much of the available sunlight you will be able to capture. It is vitally important that this question is answered, as the number one reason for home solar power systems failing to reach expectations is due to obstacles blocking the sun, dramatically reducing the efficiency of the system.

To fully answer the second question, we need t be able to plot the position of the sun through the sky at different times of the year. During the winter, the sun is much lower in the sky than it is during the summer months, and it is important to ensure that direct sunlight is not blocked from the solar array during the winter time.

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