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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Learn How To Make a Solar Panel

You can generate your own solar power easily by building your own home solar power systems. When you have the right information to guide you it is quite simple to build this solar energy technology on your own. With a few materials from your local hardware or building-supply store you can construct one.

Take this small solar power system for instance that you can build for around 250 to 300 dollars. This one will only power a computer or other small appliance but will come in handy in a power outage. Below are the instructions on how to make a solar panel.

You can either make or buy a small-sized solar panel. There are ones you can get rated to around 12 to 16 volts available at local stores. These only cost about $100.

Get a 12-volt deep cell battery for around 50 to 60 dollars if you shop wisely. These are great for using continually. It is also good to have a battery box to place the batteries into for the safety factors. The box will cost you around 10 dollars.

Other materials needed for this project include:

* A DC meter rated for 12 volts. This can be found for around 25 dollars.

* A DC input to help run DC appliances. These can be found at auto supply stores. The cost of these is around 10 dollars.

* An inverter is needed to run any AC appliances. These can be bought for around 50 dollars.

Assembly is easy just attach the DC input and the meter to the battery box. The meter needs to be hooked up to the battery. Once the first wire is attached to the negative pole then attach the other one to the positive without touching the wires together. Then you also have to attach the input to the battery. This is when the battery is then connected to the solar panel.

Now the panel just needs the sunlight to start working. It will take up to 8 hours to fully charge the battery. This is a fun project to do with children even to show them how solar power works. The kids can learn a lot about this through doing projects like this one at home.

This home solar power system is great for when the power goes out to run one important appliance. You will have to choose which thing is the most important to you. Many people would choose either a small TV or a radio to entertain them and them up to date on the news.

Now that you can see how easy it is to build a solar panel go out and make one of your own today. Just make sure you have good instructions to go by that include proper safety precautions before you start. It's also helpful to have organize all the right materials before you start too. When you've finished can provide your own emergency power for free!

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