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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The 5 Top Benefits of Using Solar Power

Most people who are going to power their homes using home solar power systems realize it is good for the environment and is also a sound financial option compared to other investments. For one thing before undertaking such an investment you or I want to know in detail is what their greener power system will produce. For instance, by installing the right solar power system for your needs can make the difference between a good and a bad investment.

Let's take a look at The Top 5 Benefits of Converting Your Home To Solar Power.

Reduced electricity bills:

One of the biggest advantages of building solar panels is that you will reduce your electricity bills. It is very easy to work out how much power your solar system will produce and consequently your reduced dependency on fossil fuels.


Although some people think a solar power system is high-tech. The reality is they are quite simple. There are no moving parts. The sun shines on your panels, a reaction takes place within the panels and electricity is produced, controlled and flows into your house hold system (simplistic version I know!). Because of this there is very little maintenance to undertake and in turn this means systems can last for up to 25 years.


Our Government has a strong interest in promoting solar power because of its overriding positive environmental impact as well as the sought-after political goal of energy independence. The best way to promote solar power is to get more people to invest in it and the best way to do this is to support financially and drive the costs down. Subsidies, rebates, and tax breaks are common and they are becoming more widespread every day. In some states, the total discount on a solar system can be as much as 50%

Hedging your bets:

Every investment requires you to predict the future. Do you think our future energy costs are going to rise? If you do, powering your home by solar will be a very wise decision. When you reduce your power bills down to practically zero, they will stay there in spite of of how much energy costs rise.

Knowing you've made a change:

There are many other benefits to converting to solar that are less easy to define. The first time you see your electric meter go backwards! That's the power company buying your excess energy. Ask anybody who has installed a diy solar panel and they will more than likely advise you that it is great! They are very happy they took the decision and will advise you to do the same.

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