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Friday, May 7, 2010

Save the earth Using Solar Power

With Solar power systems being in the news these days because of the going green mentality. There is ongoing debate about dependence on foreign oil. It is easy to use solar energy to power our homes and we are all aiming towards doing so.

Using solar energy is a simple idea. By building home solar power systems for your house to power your TV, coffee maker, microwave oven, and even the lights in your home, you could cut down on your power bills.

Since the sun produces all the energy needed for everyone and everything in the world to survive, it is thus logical to use the sun as a source of energy for your household needs.

DIY solar panels collect sun rays that heat copper tubing which produces electrical energy that is converted into electrical current and channeled through twelve volt batteries and condensers which then provide power.

This system not only saves money on your electric bill, if you know where you can find all the necessary items or parts and can find a reasonable deal, then building solar panels should not cost you more than $100. This type of ingenuity is what drives new ideas and new inventions.

Solar power had initially been a novel idea, a creative means for university students to research a class project. But now using solar energy is in the news as the effects it has on our environment is positive.

Whatever your opinion about environmental issues like global warming you have to agree that burning oil and coal and sending smoke up into the air is just not good for the air we all breathe. Now is the time we all give solar power a serious look. We need to put this technology that will, at least in part, make this a cleaner world to live into use.

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