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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Solar Power For Home Use

Solar power is becoming a very attractive option for alternative energy sources. By producing your own electricity you can stabilize your electric bill and at the same time help the environment. There are a few options for people who want CSP including dish engine systems and parabolic troughs.

Trough systems are available today. Although they are still relatively expensive, the costs are dropping making this something that will become adopted on a residential scale. Creative financing options are in place that help homeowners adopt their own home solar power systems. This all depends on the amount of money that will be pumped into the research and development.

There is a lot of development happening in the southwestern United States which are creating new technologies to bring down the cost to compete with fossil fuels. With new thermal storage technologies being developed, the homeowner will no longer need to use fossil fuels when sunlight doesn't show. This allows you to generate and store electricity like a battery would.

The low cost of fossil fuel is one of the major reasons why solar power hasn't caught on. There is also a lot of attention being paid to photovoltaic systems.

Alternative sources of energy whether they involve solar, wind, or bio fuels will be essential to sustaining our environment. This also has national security implications because we rely heavily on foreign sources of oil from places that do not like us very much. Financial incentives in states such as California, Nevada, Arizona, and Mexico where the grid parity is less, are high which have encouraged thousands of homeowners to switch to alternative energy.

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