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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Implementing New Home Solar Power Systems At Home

Do you know that you can use solar energy to power your home and decimate your power bills? These days you can even upgrade modern home solar power systems if you need more power. They are also much less expensive than older systems and allow homeowners with even the smallest investment to take advantage of this amazing alternative energy system for their homes.

The benefits of new solar power systems is that they are simpler than older systems and allows much more flexibility in what components you can use to build the perfect system for your home. Older systems were much more rigid and didn't allow a lot of expansion of the home solar power system once it was installed. Also, because very few standards for this type of equipment existed, there was not a lot of opportunity to blend components from various manufacturers into a single system. In most cases parts used had to bee from the same company. This effectively eliminated competition and made these early systems more expensive than necessary as a result.

In contrast, a modern home solar power system is intentional to be easy to extend and can support a wide variety of dissimilar component brands in the same system. This allows a homeowner a choice when designing their home solar power system to make it exactly the way they want. A homeowner can simply upgrade the system to make savings greater even when system once has been installed. The older system offered very little opportunity for expansion once installed. This meant you had to install as large of a home solar power system as you would ever need when you switched to solar and this made the initial investment too expensive for many homeowners. Now you can expand your home solar power system slowly over time and you can install a smaller inexpensive system initially and then increase your savings over time as you add solar panels to your existing system. This allows you to enjoy the savings the initial system provides the day it is installed and save even more as you invest in more equipment.

Not only are you helping mother nature reduce pollution it is a great investment as well. By installing a solar power system you immediately increase the value of your home. Prospective buyers see a home solar power system as a huge advantage over a more traditional home with grid supplied power. Also, unlike many upgrades that homeowners do to their homes that lose most of their value over time, a home solar power system will make money for you even years after its been installed. This is because many of these newer systems are designed to last for decades with very little maintenance and because they eliminate an every-increasing energy cost from the home´s budget they actually become more valuable over time. And you can make even greater savings with all the rebates and incentives from the government.

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