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Monday, August 30, 2010

DIY Solar and Wind Solutions

For those of us that want to save our hard earn money on electricity and convert renewable resources, it is a great new to hear that purchasing and installing home solar panels and home wind turbines have become more and more of a feasible option without costing us a fortune.

Home solar panels for instance have come a long way over the years, from large panels to much thinner layers of film that are much more effective than their predecessors. Solar energy is even being implemented for small technology like cell phone chargers.

Buying a solar power system for your home can costs thousands and thousand of dollars but do-it-yourselfers are now building their own for much less than what it normally costs. This has been a major problem for homeowners whereby the savings for employing solar powered energy would not recoup the initial costs quickly enough. It's one thing to be green but being green should certainly also save you money.

There are two main types of solar water heater systems. The "Passive Solar Water Heater" system involves mounting the tank above the panels. Though this is advantageous by using gravity to produce water flow where needed some people prefer the "Split Solar" system. This system allows for the tank to be in the same location as your current tank. Even though a small pump is needed to get the water where it needs to go, the tank is better insulated meaning the water stays heated longer.

Solar panels and even a complete solar power system can now be built as a DIY project! With the right tools, materials and instructions even the newbie DIYer can build an entire DIY solar power system and save thousands on energy costs without spending thousands for a retail system and installation.

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