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Thursday, August 5, 2010

How To build a Solar Panel

Are you interested to learn how to build a solar panel? After testing out various systems and electric saving techniques, the best one I have found so far is to use solar panels. It has been the easiest to build yet the materials do not cost a lot of money to buy. It harnesses free energy from sunlight and is extremely cost effective. The entire process of building solar panels took a very short time and was overall very easy to build.

1. What Are the Materials That You Need to Start Assembling your Own Solar System for Electricity?

The most important thing that you will need first is a good and detailed instructional guide. The guide that I downloaded was really good and affordable, costing less than $50 to purchase. It provided me with all the necessary instructions and clearly drawn illustrations showing all the right dimensions. It also highlights a couple of safety issues that you need to consider while constructing the systems.

Next , you will need to get some solar cells. They are black in color and usually shaped in either rectangles or squares and can be easily bought from eBay. Then you will also need sheet plywood. They can be bought in huge quantities for a low price at DIY stores. You will also need sheet glass that you should get at a specialist glass shop or glazier at exactly the right size. And finally, get some copper wire rolls at any electronics and hardware store.

2. How Did I Discover How to Build Solar System for Electricity?

I was searching for a way to cut down my power bills. They were becoming a heavier and heavier burden to me as they became more expensive. But all I found were common sense information about how to save electricity. Finally, I was recommended to try a DIY solar panel kit that taught me how to build solar panels that finally gave me the results I was looking for.

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