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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Do It Yourself Solar Panel

Do It Yourself Solar Panel - Are you looking forward to save more money on your electrical bills and planning to get all the government incentives by installing your very own solar panel?

Well, you could hire contractors for the whole process, however, if you like to do things yourself, one of the simplest options is to get a Do It Yourself Solar Panel installation guide. The benefit of using such a guide is that you won't need to set up a battery bank; instead, your sun-powered system is connected right to your home's circuit box, and the energy generated by your solar modules is used to offset your electrical bills.

If you want to install your own Do It Yourself Solar Panel on the roof, you'll need to get your hands on the proper building permits and roofing materials. Since the solar modules will be installed on special rails or mounts, part of the roof will have to be removed to make some extra room. You'll probably want to have extra shingles, nails, and roofing caulk to make sure your roof is just as rain-proof after the process as it was before.

It is advisable to have a master electrician to be present during any wiring activity to ensure that it is safely and properly wired together. Electrical wiring and the safety precautions involved can get pretty complicated, so don't even think about skipping this step unless you happen to be a master electrician yourself.

Once you've got your Do It Yourself Solar Panel installation guide, you've made your plans, and you've got some construction experience under your belt. But do you have the proper tools? You'll need a ladder to get up on your roof, of course, as well as all the required roofing repair materials, a hammer and nails, a tool belt-you get the picture. You'll also need a good power drill for drilling and tightening fasterners. Check the installation guide for instructions or you may watch a video explanation provided along with a list of tools you need to complete the job.

If you have the proper experience, this is a no-brainer. You'll want to have eye protection, ear protection, gloves, and scaffolding or rope-and-harness system to guarantee that a slip won't lead you to an unfortunate and dangerous fall. Working on a roof puts you in a hazardous situation, and you want everything to be secure. Always ask for help if you're not sure if something is safe.

Many Do It Yourself Solar Panel installation guides come with some sort of instruction manual or video tutorials. But it's still a good idea to read up on the subject as much as possible before you get to work. Many books and websites offer basic instructions and advice on how to install a DIY solar panel. Make sure you completely understand what's going on, and then have fun making your very own DIY solar power!

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