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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

DIY Solar Panels - Build Your Own Solar Panel At Home

In the world today, every individual should do their part to clean up the environment. This starts with implementing energy efficiency measures such as weatherization. If you do your part to cut down on energy usage, we will not have to produce as much energy. It ends with implementing your own renewable energy sources such as solar and wind. DIY solar panels make it incredibly easy to get a system up and running in as little as a single weekend.

There are a few things to keep in mind when learning how to build a solar panel:

1. Do you have the correct materials? Most DIY solar installation kits will contain high quality photovoltaic cells, tabbing wire, and flux pens. You will also need an inverter to tie the electricity back to your grid. If you decide to work off-grid, you need to purchase a battery to store the electricity. It is also advisable to make a box to protect the solar cells from extreme weather. Solar cells are very fragile.

2. What are the zoning laws in your area? Does you local utility allow you to tie the electricity back to your energy grid? There are certain zoning laws in different areas that may prohibit you from connecting your DIY solar panel to the existing electricity grid.

3. What financial incentives are available? The federal government and state are making it a point to move the nation to more renewable electricity. They putting their words into action by making available tax incentives and rebates. If you live in a sunbelt state such as California, there are many rebates available to homeowners that subsidize up to 30% of you initial costs. Group buying efforts are also in place, whereby entire city blocks are grouping to buy solar panels at a discounted bulk price.

Renewable energy such as solar and wind are here to stay. Do your part by educating yourself and those around you to the benefits of renewable energy. It will be an integral part of weaning our nation off of dependence on foreign oil and the resulting national security problem involved with it.

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