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Monday, June 7, 2010

Solar Power Systems - Harnessing Energy From The Sun

Harnessing the sun's energy is currently being supplemented by support from federal governments worldwide. Either through direct government building or providing incentives to encourage businesses and individuals to take greater advantage of solar energy technologies that are available today, governments everywhere are beginning not only to see the advantages of using solar, but seizing it. Click here to read more - home solar panels and DIY Solar Panels

Solar energy in remote locations...space satellites, roadside emergency phones, isolated buildings, solar powered road signs...are all indications that solar energy is quickly moving forward in these arenas.

Solar powered automobiles are rapidly making their way to the forefront of energy-efficient transportation...in a nick of time. As gas and oil prices rise rapidly, having a solar-powered automobile or hybrid makes more sense to more people every day. This, in turn, of course, gives the necessary incentive to automobile makers to produce more electric and hybrid vehicles.

What the world may look like with solar energy is definitely a bright picture. The solar version of driving in the densely populated cities in various locations in the world...New York, Los Angeles, London, Tokyo, Cairo...will be significantly different than it is today.

With new materials in solar roofing, the bright, shiny roof tiles, or sparkles that you see on roofs will be solar energy being spread across the rooftops of the world. The exterior walls of our buildings will be more than just walls...they will be solar collectors as well. Some farmers may elect to produce a new crop...solar cell PV cells, or thermal troughs, and previously empty space in deserts and open prairies will be used to capture and store the sun's energy. Whatever methods work and are used, capturing and putting the sun to work in solar power systems will make this a better place to live.

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