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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Generate Your Own Electricity With Solar Power System

Our power bills are slowly but surely rising, during the summer months we use more electricity because we need to cool down the house and ourselves. People are starting to look for alternative energy sources because they just do not want to pay that much. A DIY solar power system look like a promising technology and if your house is located in good spot then it is a good idea to invest. By investing an purchasing PV cells or building solar panel you can cut down on your electrical costs. Though you need an initial investment and yes this will come back pretty soon especially during the summer months.

Before we start dissecting a solar panel to figure out how it works we should understand the nature of light. The light is made out of photons this particles are fast moving atoms. Our Sun is bombarding Earth by the trillions each moment. Photons move with the speed of light because they have a lot of energy and our goal is to harness this energy and produce electricity. It is an interesting fact that on a clear day at sea level 1KWh falls on a square meter and this is enough energy to power up most of the household equipment in an average home.

Photons can interact with matter in a couple of ways: they can be reflected when it hits a mirror, it can be absorbed so it is energy is turned either in heat or electricity, it also can suffer transmission when it does not lose any energy just goes through, this is the case of windows, and last there is the effect of scattering when the photon interacts with molecules in way that it forms a rainbow thus dispersing its energy.

Now solar power can be harnessed in two different ways you either use it for heating or generate electricity. When solar power is converted to heat the next thing to do is to transport it to the place where you need it and this is done by conduction or by convection. When the heat reaches it is target destination it will be used to heat up swimming pools, cook, make tea and so on and so forth. When electricity is created they use photovoltaic cells PV for short. These crystals are made out of semiconductors which when they come in contact with photons they produce electricity. You most likely have seen PV cells on you calculators which do not use any batteries or on ecologically friendly houses and businesses. The Sun will be shining for the next 6 billion years so we do not have to worry that there won't be enough energy to go around.

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