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Friday, August 14, 2009

How To Build a DIY Magnetic Generator

DIY Magnetic generator is now the hottest buzz in town. What sets this major interest in the people is the ability to generate free electricity at home and even without the use of natural energy such as the wind and the sun.

The power of magnets has polarities and we all know that like poles attract each other and unlike poles repel each other. If two magnets that oppose each other are placed together, each magnet will do everything to repel the other. The way a DIY magnetic generator works is that it has a third magnet pulling on the other sides and with this, thus energy is produced.

Definitely, a DIY magnetic generator will reduce the cost of energy. With the rising cost of electricity and fuel, people are turning to alternative energy sources. In fact, there is even an attempt nowadays to power cars with water. Bio-diesel is also one approach to fuel cars and machines. With a magnetic power generator, the availability of fuel will no longer be an issue.

Generators of this type could practically last a lifetime, many individuals have begun undertaking the task of building their own DIY magnetic generators.

To make your very own DIY magnetic generator, you’ll need to purchase your own materials and your own tools. With an installation manual, you will not find it difficult to build your own magnetic generator. You will be guided accordingly and you will be amazed at how easy it is to have it done efficiently. Detailed step-by-step instructions, material lists along with diagrams are what a good manual contains.
  • Words in the manual are written in layman’s terms that people can understand without difficulties.
  • Illustrations are also detailed and you will find it very easy to relate to.
  • Aside from saving on cost, you will be able to help out your friends or other individuals that are also looking for ways to have their own alternative source of energy.
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