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Monday, August 17, 2009

How To Build a Solar Camping Stove

Learn how to build your very own solar camping stove. Not only can you enjoy making delicious foods from solar energy, you can also save money on electricity. Find out what are the materials needed to have this done effectively.

You will need

• Five sheets of A4 or U.S. letter size cardboard
• Tin foil
• Glue
• Adhesive tape


• Scissors

This is an incredibly simple construction for a solar camping stove.

Simply, take five sheets of cardboard-three of them should be joined together by their long edges, the other two should be joined up by their short edges. Make the joint using adhesive tape so that it is flexible.

Now cover the two pieces you are left with in tin foil. Use glue to secure the foil.

And that is it! Now all it comes to is setting up your stove.

Determine which way the sun is facing, and orient the three panels so that they all face the sun, with the outer two tilted slightly inwards. Now take the two sheets, one will sit on the ground-the food stands on top of this. The second sheet should be slightly tilted up toward the can so that any overspill light which misses the food is reflected back onto it.

The beauty of this design is that is is very simple, can be assembled quickly, and fits into the space of a few sheets of cardboard in your backpack.

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