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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Generate Electricity With DIY Solar Panels

Learn how you can build your own DIY solar panels. The advantages in using these systems made from a DIY solar panel are obvious: free renewable energy, which cannot be depleted.

The construction utilizes simple materials such as metals and aluminum foils, therefore, the investment cost is actually very minimum. In general, home solar power systems convert the sun's energy into electrical energy. This entire process is based on the photovoltaic cell. In short, when in contact with sun rays, this cell produces electric power. These cells are grouped in matrixes and then they will compose the solar panels.

With a DIY solar panel, you can cut your electrical bills by over 80% or even a possible zero! People are looking for alternative ways to save their money on electrical bills and solar energy is definitely an ideal choice for them.

It is not difficult to learn how to build a solar panel as you think, you can build it even if you don't have experience. You need some materials like:

• Solar Cells
• Wire crimping tool
• Wire cutters
• A sheet of plywood
• Copper wires
• Screwdriver
• Cobalt steel jobbers' twist drill bit, heavy duty, wire gauge size 26, 3" L, 1c" L flute
• Machine screw size high-speed steel hand tap taper, 10-24, H3 pitch diameter, 4 flute
• 7/32 drill bit
• Plastic sheet cutter
• Reamer
• Pliers
• Hacksaw
• Solder, 60/40 or silver
• Soldering iron, or soldering station
• Sheets of glass
• Drill
• DIY installation guide

You can get these materials in your local hardware stores for cheap and affordable prices. Some materials such as solar cells can be found on eBay. If you are planning to buy a ready-made solar panel then it may cost you around $1600 but if you do some work and build it yourself at home then it may cost you around $200. You’ll need a perfect DIY installation guide which can also be available on internet. These guides help you by providing step by step instructions with useful illustrations and some guides do come along with instructional videos. You can build it even if you don't have mechanical skills too.

Thousands of people around the world are starting to build their own DIY solar panels in order to save money on electricity. So don't waste your money on other alternatives as you can utilize this renewable energy for cheap prices. Cut your electrical bills to a possible zero today!

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