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Monday, August 10, 2009

Permanent Magnetic Generator

The permanent magnetic generator is a new step in alternative energy technology because of its nature. It is known to be an alternative power source that is inexpensive and environmentally friendly.

The permanent magnetic generator uses a new theory using magnets to produce unending movement that will generate free electricity for you and itself for virtually no cost and no bad environmental effects. This has been initially thought to be impossible due to the laws of the world that has governed us and one of them is the theory of relativity. This theory states that energy is neither destroyed nor created but merely transfers its energy from one form to another.

At present, the invention of permanent magnetic generator is made possible. This is truly a step towards a better future because it will break everything we ever believed in about how we get energy into our homes. It will break almost all stereotypes and will help us look at alternative energy sources with a new light. This magnetic power generator will become a need for every household because of the benefits that you can have by using it inside your own homes. This will be a trend that the future should go for because it will solve many of the problems arising in our society today like the family financial problem since this energy will practically be free and available for everyone because this is such an easy thing to create and install in the house.

Perhaps a revolution will take place in the near future. A revolution that will shake the very foundations of the way we are living today. We are at a time where we have the technology to make that happen and indeed that technology exists. We simply have to open our minds up to the idea of having a power source so powerful and so affordable and take the opportunity to utilize it for ourselves.

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  1. Can't wait to build my own DIY permanent magnetic generator! This is good stuff!


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